Dear Frankie,

Your video, making fun of Momma Elsa was in poor taste and you definitely lacked good judgement and common sense. Your tweet stating that is was a compliment, was not a convincing story, considering that you filmed this at Lea Black's house in LA. Making fun of an elderly is quite shameful in every way possible. The fact that someone (Lea) was laughing in the background took it to a whole new level of disgusting.

You said that is was a compliment- how can you even think anyone would believe that? You were at Lea Black's house, knowing that she and Marysol don't speak. Therefore, the only way to take it, is that you were "making fun" of and being egged on.

Then you and Lea take to Twitter to state that it wasn't Lea. I think the more appropriate comment to make would have been an apolgy. It's very obvious that it was offensive to most people.

Justifying, denying, and laying blame makes you look guilty and like a fool. So take this as you wish, but being a total jackass and not owning your actions is classless.

I hope that no one makes a video of your mom and pokes fun at her the way you did at an elderly.



For those of you who missed this vile video!OjLQcab


Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black, was in a car accident yesterday ( or so she claimed)... She posted that someone ran a red light, but she's ok.

What's weird, is that the pics were pulled down three hours after being posted. Someone did ask her yesterday via Twitter, if she was in a car accident, and she claimed that it was "Rumors"!

I'm glad she was not injured or hurt, but why post it then take it down? Why say it happened yesterday, then say it is Rumors?

Something's NOT adding up here! Is she looking for sympathy because of how she is (portrayed) in this season of Real Housewives of Miami!


19 days and counting! The Real Housewives of Miami are returning August 12th on Bravo!

Lisa Hochstein,model and wife of the BOOB GOD, stopped by NBC Miami 6 Studios to discuss Season 3!

Check out the video below:!/on-air/as-seen-on/Lisa-Hochstein-of--RHOM--Talks-Season-Three/216799101

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It looks like the Miami ladies, and a Jersey girl, are setting the town on fire this weekend!

Marysol Patton, Alexia Exchevarria, Joanna Krupa, and Melissa Gorga ......say what???? partied it up last night in Miami!

Also spotted, Lisa Hochstein and Adriana De Moura were out and about attending the Chloe Fashion Show!

Watch Adriana walk the CAT WALK here:

All the ladies are looking as fabulous as ever, but who is friends with whom again?

The Real Housewives of Miami return August 12 on Bravo!


Real Housewives of Miami Karent Sierra is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk!

Many Real Housewives and Bravolebrities brag about their volunteer work and the money they give to charities, but Karent's story is heartwarming!

Last week, Karent traveled to Loitokitok, which is five hours away from Nairobi. She's working out of a make-shift dental office on the Maasai tribe.

She took to Instagram to share her journey.

How could you not respect this lady? She exemplifies the true meaning of "giving back"!

Safe travels Karent!


Karent Sierra, former Real Housewives of Miami, has one of her two homes up for auction.

Karent, who has her dentistry practice in Coral Gables, is losing the home on Southwest 112th Street in the middle of Westwood Lake area Miami.

Gossip Extra has listed Florida Community Bank as the lender. It was awarded a judgement of $1.05 million including back taxes!

Karent is out of town at this time providing dentistry to the less fortunate. I LOVE her!

Follow her on Twitter @KarentSierra

She also will be returning as a recurring role on Real Housewives of Miami airing August 12!


Real Housewives of Miami, Ana Quincoces, stopped by NBC News 6 in Miami, to share some Fabulous Skinny Recipes for the Summer!

Check out Ana cooking it up below!!/on-air/as-seen-on/Fabulous-Food--Skinny-Recipes-with-Ana-Quincoces/215688071


Two weddings! Double the drama! Triple the backstabbing?? The Real Housewives of Miami is set to premier August 22, 2013 on Bravo!

The newlyweds Joanna and Romain did an interview about their wedding and sex lives with Access Hollywood this week!

The sweetest thing I've heard a man say about his woman came from Roman!

Read below:

“I’m usually really strong and never… nervous… but at the moment she walked down the aisle, I was not prepared for that,” Romain told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Michelle Beadle. “Actually, I almost fainted. I had to think about – ‘If I was drunk, I would stand. If I can do it drunk, I can do it right now.’”

Are you guys excited about the return of this hot couple!


With the anticipation of the return of the Miami ladies, the rumors are already hitting the fan! Or shall I say hitting Twitter.

Lea Black, who has been on the show since Season 1, will be returning for Season 3! If anyone has seen the previews, she seems to NOT have any friends! ( But takes pleasure in gyrating on a young fellow!)

Earlier this week, AllAboutTRH reported that Roy, Lea's husband, (we can't figure out how many years) will NOT be on the show because he's embarrassed by her behavior!

Check out AllAboutTRH interview below:

“When season three contracts came around all the women wanted an even playing field so they banded together to fight against the unique filming release that allowed the Blacks to protect themselves legally. Because of this, Roy will not be appearing on season three. He wants to maintain his law reputation instead of being on reality TV,” the source reveals.

Our source also tells us, “Roy has become a joke to some people around Miami since Lea joined the show. He is particularly embarrassed by the trailer, in which Lea is seen gyrating on a young man while on vacation with the cast. He is not looking forward to the rest of the season airing later this year.”

The Real Housewives will be returning on August 12, 2013! They will bring the heat, backstabbing, and DRAMA!

Are you ready!!!!

Update: Lea took to Twitter today and said it was rumors!

Deflection? Or truth?