On July 1 of this year, Bravo TV introduced us to the high seas and a HUGE yacht called the Honor! After a few short weeks, the viewers knew this was a hit!

Even though season one has come and gone, the impression these Bravolebrities made impacted Twittter in the most positive ways. The person that stands out the most from the show, is the silver hair, handsome Captain!

I had the opportunity to interview this humbled man and discuss the show, his wife, and his life! Check it out below:

Me: How were you approached to do Below Deck?

  Captain:  I wasn't actually approached by Bravo nor did I submit a request to be on the show. The yacht that I worked on had been contacted by an agency to see if my owner would consider chartering the yacht to a network for a reality show.
   My owner and the powers that be had agreed to do a deal. My owner was not comfortable turning over his $20m yacht to a Capt. that he didn't know and neither was the insurance company. So if I didn't go along to run the yacht  the deal was done. They asked me if I minded being on TV and after conversing with my boss, my response was "of course I don't mind." It all happened last minute.. it was not something that I sought out, it just came with my job.

Me: After watching yourself on TV, do you have any regrets?

Captain: Regrets, no I really have none. It was a net positive experience for me and I would do it again if asked, and I hope that I am.

Me: You seem to have captivated the female crowd. They are now calling you "The Silver Fox Captain"!!! How is your wife handling all of this attention?

   Captain: As far as women going crazy, I don't know about all that. I just try to be myself and my wife keeps me grounded, she is my best friend. She finds a lot of humor in it all. The whole experience has been enjoyable for both of us and were just trying to have fun with it and not take things too seriously.

Me: How long does it take to become a MEGA yacht captain? And what qualifications do you need?

   Captain: To get to the level that I'm at now it takes years. To obtain your first USCG License takes up to 720 days at sea just to be able to sit for your first exam, thats two years straight at sea, so you can see where it may take 3-5 yrs. just to accumulate that. After that it takes more sea time  and increase in vessel size to move up the ladder. The Coast Guard has a web site that lists all the qualifications that they need to verify in order for you to be able to sit for their exams.

Me: Your leadership style seems to be very calm. How is that, when it seems to be a hectic career?

   Captain: The secret to staying calm and my mgmt. style. Anticipating things before they become a problem. A lot of it is having been there before and doing what  your training and experience has prepared you for,  so that when it hits the fan, you just act without hesitation or panic. Panic at sea in an emergency is what get most people in trouble. Asses the situation, stay calm and just do it. That comes from drills, drills, and more drills.  You can panic when its all over.  My style is to just get the job done, I  don't offer excuses for why something doesn't get done I just do it. No reason to get excited, yell, and scream, just quietly go about the task at hand and get it done. If there are circumstances beyond your control, it means just that, its beyond your control, do what you can do and don't worry about things that you have no control over. It accomplishes nothing but adds to the problem.

Me: How long have you been charting trips?

   Captain: I have been chartering for 20+ years and never get tired of it. It really brings a sense of satisfaction to you when you can show someone something they have never seen before or take them somewhere they've never been  and are not likely to again. Gives you a nice feeling. I really do love my damn job. Best job in the world.

Me: Working on a yacht requires excellent customer service skills. What does world class service mean to you? And how do you execute this to make your guests happy?

   Captain: My idea of service is to always exceed expectations. Better yet is to give them something that they totally never expected. Way over the top and then some.  Details, details,  details is where its at. Be very attentive, but without hovering, always in the background quietly,  and then delivering whatever, whenever, even when its not part of the deal. Listen to casual conversations, but never eavesdrop,  and note what a guest may mention that you may be able to surprise them with. Thats the best. One guest may be talking to another about the best oysters they had one time and you know they didn't put it on their preference sheet. Make that happen for them on this trip and watch the wow factor come into play. Thats service that makes you feel great about what you do. You really want to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

Me: The ratings were off the charts! Will there be a Season 2 of Below Deck?

   Captain: As you probably already know they did sign for a season two. Stoked about that and hopefully I 'll be back for it. It any of your readers would like to see me back for season 2 they can tweet #Bravopr  or #Bravotv and put in their request that they have me back. I would love to do it again.


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Tonight is the season finale of Obsessed With the Dress on WeTv. I have to make a confession- I was sucked in!

From the beautiful gowns at the Winning Crown, to the endless banter between the employees, one thing is for certain, there seems to be some "playing favorites" happening in the workplace!

I had a chance to chat with one of the stars of the show, Hannah! Here's what she had to say-

1. Tell us about yourself!

I am a 19-year-old sophomore who just transferred from University of Miami to Hillsdale College.  People always ask me, “Why did you transfer from there to there?”  Well, my first year of college proved to be illuminating.  Although I am outgoing and social, I am really not the “party girl” that was ever-present in Miami.  I realized I wanted to focus on my education and preparation for law school, and Hillsdale College is a prestigious launching pad for that.  I also wanted to take a break from modeling because it was becoming overwhelming in my life (yes, I pursued modeling for a few months and did pretty well—JCPenney’s and Revista Paula to name a few!). But you know, sometimes a college student just wants to be acollege student with the college experience, and that was hard for me to accept because I have always had the mentality that I can juggle and do everything I want, all at the same time. However, I want to graduate college and feel confident in my future as, hopefully, a lawyer or some sort of political figure.  Although I am in for some colder winters (that’s an understatement), so far I am thrilled at my decision to move to Michigan.  Transferring is never easy, but I have always been independent and a risk taker.  For example, my mom (also on the show) was never a fan of pageants, yet I took a risk.  I competed in the 2010 NAM pageant, even with a dubious mother, and I won!  I then took 2nd runner-up at nationals, and hopefully I will be returning to the stage soon for a newer title.  Furthermore about me, I am also a fan of yoga, dancing, debate, documentaries, 8tracks radio, Taco bell, and combat boots.  I wish the show would have broadcasted some of my more “wackadoo” moments, but overall the show does just fine to show the viewers that I am indeed a youngster just trying to find her place.  I tell my mom everyday that I am impressionable to every person, idea, and situation I come across—I guess that is why I love education so much!  



2.From a viewer’s standpoint, there seems to be favoritism when it comes to Beau. Now that you are watching it, would you agree?

Yes, Beau is favored.  But he is also the only employee that is available to work for the store all year.  I mean, I am in college, for example, and my mom is a Kindergarten teacher. So Beau and Michele’s lives are constantly crossing everyday.  I would be lying to say I didn’t wish Michele could call me up to go to yoga with her or pick up her kids or walk her dog or just hang out!  But I am so much younger than she is—I can’t go out to a bar after work or socialize in a more adult manner.  The fact of the matter is, I am just a former coachee and crown winner of Michele, and that’s about it.  But I DO respect her above anyone else I know—it is now just more complicated to express my admiration.    


3. What is the best part of working at The Winning Crown?

To be honest, I love working near my home, thereby constantly recognizing familiar faces from the store.  I can remember going to my high school dances and being like, “OH! She got that at our store!”, or “I helped her pick that out!”, or even “That girl looks great in our dress!”.  I also enjoy being surrounded by all the dresses.  COME ON, what girl can resist all the bling?  I know I can’t!  So yes, I am the first person to try on all the gowns.  But hey, that just gives me a better idea how the gown looks off the hanger J.


4. What advice do you have for going ladies who are trying to "win a crown"?


Don’t sacrifice your chances by not being prepared or by being naïve.  So many girls don’t have the right dress, interview suit, walk, or coaching.  And the usual excuse is cost.  I get it; trust me.  But you can’t cut corners or be so naïve to think that you will succeed regardless.  Here is some blunt news: pageantry is expensive, but it is not impossible.  I did one Nebraska pageant, and only one, BECAUSE of finances (so I do get it).  Yet, my mom and I saved up to do it right.  As a result, I now have to wait a few more years to save up money because without the necessary (and pricey) ingredients, the outcome will not be in my favor.  It’s like putting fat-free mayo on a BLT…something just won’t be right.  Don’t minimalize your chances because you were too antsy to compete in a pageant without being fully aware of the costs, garments, and coaching needed.  Step back, take a breath, and begin your pageant career with a list and a healthy timeline that fits your budget.


5. What have you learned about yourself and others since the show?


For starters, I learned that I am an ugly crier!  But in all seriousness, I hit a brick wall since the show (and really towards the end of it…what the viewers are seeing now in these past episodes) where I began to realize I am not invincible and I am not always right.  I used to be so defensive; for example, I was upset when I was the only one blamed for logging onto Facebook during work.  Now, I look back on that and think: Hannah, regardless, you were wrong.  It is the HARDEST thing in the entire world to admit you are wrong, especially if those said wrongs are on national TV.  But I have learned that I am not perfect and that America is forgiving of that. Thank goodness I had some sort of revelation towards the end of filming where the viewers where able to actually see me be like “whoa, I went into that whole situation incorrectly…STOP, Hannah, admit you are wrong and ask yourself what is there to be learned?”  I think it made me very relatable; I was growing up on reality TV.  As for the others, I have learned that tensions filming became tensions in real life.  I suppose I was naïve to think that we would walk away from this as good friends (or that maybe it would bring us together).  But no.  Not the case.  Social media has really been an indicator of this.  For example, some people only promote each other in their tweets and leave us out like we aren’t on the show.  These people also tend to retweet only the negative posts about the other employees.  I feel like this: I don’t mind social media preachin’ the good, the bad, or the ugly—I like/retweet it all! I approach my feed as an advertisement for the show.  What is happening in the show is posted in my feed.  To be honest, I love every cast member.  But if my mom is condescending me in a scene on the show, I will play it up in my feed.  If Tiffany or Beau did something wrong in the show, I will retweet a fan’s reaction being appalled by that behavior.  I treat my twitter like an extension of the show.  I realize other’s do not.


6. Is there anything you regret doing or saying while filming?


ABSOLUTELY!  I regret probably 95% of it.  But I also realize it needs to be there in order for the show to be entertaining.  To be specific, I regret saying that I don’t take it up the butt with Beau.  And I also regret tellingFawnia to diet her ass off as well as relating her to a dwarf.  I would also regret the entire final scene of the last episode (episode five, where I am crying with Michele) if fans hadn’t reached out and supported me.  I still care what my boss thinks, and I hate letting her and my cast members know that I am vulnerable.  But, that’s another thing I learned—it’s okay to cry; strong, independent pageant ladies are also human.  And I don’t regret having those experiences to show me that.


7. What's your relationship with everyone now?


As I mentioned, it is rocky.  I would say I have grown closest to my mom (aww, how cute!).  During filming she and I were actually going through a rough time.  So, having to work with her side-by-side actually forced us to talk to each other and move past things!  Additionally, I now respect Gretchen more than I ever had.  She would tell me “Hannah be nice on camera in scenes, but let it rip in interview”.  And boy, did she do that (cue her line “Beau iskinda an idiot.”)  She was also nice to my mommy—gottarespect anyone who loves Momma Jean! Arzoo, Tiffany, and I still have the same mutual respect for one another.  I even came home last winter break and walked in another one of Tiffany’s fashion shows!  As for Beau, Sarah, and Michele, it’s hard to say.  I honestly love all of them (really! I visited the store to see them when I could), but the show divided the store—no one can walk away unscathed from that.  I will always say that Michele is the best at what she does and that customers love to work with Beau (because that is all true).  I guess I would use a quote from Isaac Newton for this situation: “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  I will never stop believing new bridges can be built. It’s just a matter of when.


8. You were National American Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen! How exciting! What have you used your platform for (charities, etc)?


Entering into the pageant world was the best blessing I have ever received.  I have used my title for many charities and organizations, but I would really like to share one that is the closest to my heart.  Being the Jr. Teen queen meant that I suddenly had 4 other sister queens in my circle (the queens from the other age divisions).  Little did I know that my older sister queen would become my best friend and my greatest inspiration.  Jordan Somer created the Miss Amazing Pageant, a non-profit pageant that providesopportunities for girls and women with disabilities to raise self-confidence, when she was just 13 years old.  The pageant has now spread to 22 states, and its birthplace, Omaha, NE, just held the first ever-national pageant, raising over 17,000 dollars.  To see pageantry personified in such a beautiful light makes all the drama worthwhile—just look at Miss Amazing Inc.  That is my ultimate platform, and I am so thankful I entered the pageant scene so that I now have the Miss Amazing’s mission a part of my everyday life.  Visit missamazingpageant.com to make it a part of yours too.  It is worth it.


Hannah seems to be down to earth, smart, and friendly to all!

Make sure that you are following her on Twitter @hannahblazek


Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a real housewife? I had a chance to speak to Daysy, Lisa Hochstein's former housekeeper. She's a very blessed and humbled lady....

Me: How did you and Lisa meet?

Daysy: Three years ago, I saw her add on Craigslist. At that time, I had just started my own business. I only had 2 clients, so I was praying to have something more stable. I was the last one for her to interview and we clicked from the very beginning!

Me: Was it hard adjusting to the cameras bring around all the time?

Daysy: Not at all! My daughter was taking acting classes at that time, and she gave me the best tip - just act like if the cameras are not there.

Me: You are now a business owner. Tell us about it...

Daysy: I have two businesses now and soon I'm opening my third one. Believe me, without God, it would have not been possible. Im very blessed and at the same time very busy. One is my residential and commercial cleaning which you all know about, the second is, I remodel foreclosed homes and the third one is coming soon - it's a surprise!!!

Me: You look amazing after your surgery, and of course before! What's your exercise and diet routine to stay in shape.

Daysy: Doctor did an amazing job with me. I feel very confident now and I highly recommend him to everyone. He is a perfectionist. I never liked to exercise, but now I try my best to work out at least 3 times a week. My dear Mrs. Lisa helps me out with my diet.

Me: Any love interests in your life?

Daysy: I'm still waiting on Prince Charming.

Me: How was it working for Lisa? She seems like a sweetheart
on TV. Is she the same in "real life"?

Daysy: Working for Mrs Lisa has been a pleasure. She has always treated me and my daughter with respect and with love. Yes, she is a an sweetheart in real life, but not only that, also smart,caring,funny and down to earth.

Me: What are you most thankful for?

Daysy: I'm thankful to GOD. My life changed after I found him and now all my life  revolves around him. As you know, five yrs ago my life was a mess I was practically homeless. I was drinking, smoking, doing drugs and I was a totally different person from what i am today. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to start all over again and now I am the one helping people in those situation. The only one thing I would like to say to anyone in difficult times-no matter what it is and if you feel helpless, all you need to do is open your heart to Jesus, let him in and everything will change that second. It's very simple.

Me: How has your life changed since the show?

Daysy: My life is almost the same after the show. The only difference is that some people recognize me from time to time on the streets and ask me for a picture.    

Daysy has probably been the most honest and humbled person I've ever interviewed! Watch her on The Real Housewives of Miami.

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Love her or hate her, Real Housewives of Miami Adriana de Moura, is a woman to be respected.

Besides being an Art Curator for almost all of her life, she's raised an amazing and talented son. These days, Adriana is doing more than enjoying being married to Frederic, she's standing up for a great cause- PETA.

Adriana recently posed nude for PETA in support of Lolita, an Orca, at the Miami Seaquarium. Last week, she then flew out to San Juan Islands and visited the Orca's capture site, which had to be a heartwarming experience.

Could you live in a bath tub for 40 years? Check out my interview with the Brazillian Bombshell below.

Me: Tell us about yourself.

Adriana: I'm a native from Brazil and have lived abroad and traveled to more than 40 different countries.

Me: What was your motivation in deciding to go into the arts?

Adriana: My grandmother was an artist and she introduced me to art at a very early age. 

Me: You recently posed for "PETA". Can you explain the "why" behind posing?

Adriana: I decided to pose  nude for PETA because I  believe in the cause. I grew up always going to the beach and always loved and respected nature, the ocean and its animals.  My country  has been on the forefront of sea animals protection - their captivity has been prohibited in Brazil since the early 1990s. PETA's campaign resonated  deep within me and I feel very honored to be the first Brazilian to be the face of this cause here in the United States. I would always support PETA if they ask me.

Me: Do you feel that Real Housewives of Miami accurately portrays you?

Adriana: I think the show portrays "Adriana on steroids"...LOL I have  many facets and not always all of them are shown.

Me: You recently took a trip to San Juan in Washington to visit the capture site of the Orca's, what can you share with us about the experience?

Adriana: My trip to the Pugent Sound in Washington state, was a very enlightening and yet bittersweet. I was in awe of the beauty of the nature and energy of the place - truly paradise. I was ecstatic to see Orcas in the wild and to observe how free and happy they seemed, swimming in groups, in perfect harmony with themselves and their environment. Such heart warming feelings and excitement were mixed with feelings of sadness because I was thinking that Lolita had been robbed of "real life", and is instead serving as a slave to make money to Sea Aquarium. Very sad! 

Me: Besides the Orca's, are there any other animals that you feel passionately about?

Adriana: I love all nature and its flora.

Me: What's in store for us this season on #RHOM ..,

Adriana: RHOM has its best season yet, full of surprises, betrayals but also fun, fashion and glamour! C'est la vie! 

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Who invited the Grim Reaper? Chicken cutlets anyone?

In this, the third episode, we get a little more information about a couple of main themes this season. From fights between certain cast members to more of a history on others, this episode proved to be mentally draining at times because again we are thrown into fights to which we know no facts about.

Sometimes I find myself saying, "That (expletive) Lea is lying to us!" Thirty minutes later I’m saying the same thing about Adriana. There’s something to be said, though, for some pretty crafty editing.

Am I the only one that realizes that these editors are legit making Mean Girls (Adriana, Alexia and Marysol for those of you just tuning in) look REALLY EFFING MEAN? Again ... you need the full story so let’s start from the beginning.

The episode opened with Lea and Adriana continuing their battle from last week’s episode. This time, however, the fight was outside under an umbrella in a torrential downpour. Lea offered to get Adriana a ride home but Adriana refused to accept any more of Lea’s generosity in wake of Lea supposedly calling her names like “charity case.”

So Adriana caught a cab (Where's the driver? Limo?) in the beautiful sun shining weather. That’s Miami weather for ya, folks. It seems to mirror the relationships and trials these women experience.

After the fight Adriana goes to Frederic and says that Lea told her this and Lea called her that. Ummmm... Are we watching the same episode, Adriana? Lea said NONE of that to you... Later on, Lea is having the same conversation with the blondes, and says she was NOT able to get a word in...Ummmmm.... Are we watching the same show Lea?? Truth ladies??!!

Frederic then states that he and his lady will never support Lea Black’s events again and goes as far as to say that she should fear him... (I think he was talking about his wooden purse line coming out)

Joanna and Romain are spotted attending Maria Sharapova’s tennis match which spikes up some very awkward banter. It seems as though that the Barbie and Ken of Miami need to talk about their (lack of) sex through tennis euphemisms. Interesting approach, guys.

We hear Joanna saying things like, “Oh baby look at her aaaaasssssss,” “look at that ball getting hit back and forth"! I was waiting for Ron Jeremy to pop in on the scene singing Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

Romain then astonishes Joanna by basically telling her he’s bored with their sex life and that She needs to “spice it up like pasta,” and to “change the sauce.” Do you prefer red or white on your noodles? Ugh. Joanna, feeling belittled, replies in her confessional that she’s “done it in private jets, elevators and night clubs. (She’s) not the boring one.” Oh, lord.

In the Hochstein home, Lisa and Lenny are getting ready for bed, and in the middle of the night Lisa “wakes up” because she has to talk to Lenny about the baby-making thing. (Surprise, surprise... Bravo! cameras are there to catch it.)

Alexia- how can you not love her? She shares a story of her past and ex.... The time she spends with her sons is very entertaining! I love the bond she has with them.... Ohhhhh, back to Lisa....

I don’t mean to make light of this situation at all... I LOVE Lisa. I think she’s a very important character in the “Housewives” franchise because she’s young and beautiful but has the inability to carry a child to term. I think little girls just assume that that’s going to happen in their lives...I’m hoping for the best for you, girl!

We also learn that Lisa is planning a girl’s night and has invited Lea and Joanna to have a good time because Lenny is in Vegas. Oh, but don’t worry. Lisa assures us that she “banged Lenny out really good before he left,” so in case you were wondering... She’s got it covered! For the next five or so minutes, the word “bang” is severely overused. Everyone's getting "banged" except Joanna! Lisa also shares that when she first met her husband,“(Lenny) pounded me like a chicken cutlet.” Stay classy, girl.

Just when we thought RHOM was going to be fun, in comes the "haters" Marysol, Alexia and Adriana! They tend to tell everyone hi, except the GRIM REAPER. This seems to upset her, because she calls Roy, her hubby, crying about Adriana! Who knew Lea's tear ducts worked?

What happened???

Oh, Lisa is trying to play mediator again. I get it. Not working girl!!!! Stay cute! Things will never be the same!

Speaking of quotes, Lea called Adrianna a “con artist” blah, blah, blah! Stupid, stupid, stupid.... Ok done!

In the final couple of minutes, Joanna pulls out a piece of “evidence” (that the housewives just LOVE to carry around with themselves) about Adriana. We learned that she applied for the marriage license on November 4, 2008 but then went back to have it notarized December 8, 2008... This means that not only was Adriana married on paper but went back for the REAL thing a month later. But seriously, who cares! And why does Lea continue to play the victim? Rewind, Lea helped Adrianna from 2006-2007. Not while she was with Frederic! GET OVER IT!

Fast forward- Twitter ignites Monday night! What's better than a housewife tweeting about people who have opinions?

Lea took to twitter Monday night and posted-

So riddle me this.....you say DON'T feed the negativity, but then you retweet negative and ugly tweets about Adriana.... Double standard? Hypocrite? Oh..... And be friends with whom you want, but don't believe everything they tell you....psssst!

Call it what you want, but I'm sure this tiff is far from over!

Make sure you tune in every Monday night to watch these ladies entertain us!


Obsessed with the Dress hit TV screens at the beginning of this month! As with any reality TV show, if there's not drama- it doesn't sell.

When I first tuned in to watch Obsessed With the Dress, I was ready to see princesses complaining and crying because they couldn't "find" that perfect "winning" dress!

Boy, I was surprised! It was that, and so much more- friendships, backstabbing, and a beauty queen- well a few!

I had a chance to chat with one of the stars of the show, Sarah Hollins! She's so much more than what we see on TV!!

Me: Tell us about yourself!

Sarah: Well, I'm a 23 year old student studying Journalism! I am from Omaha, Nebraska where my family lives. I have been all over the place!! I graduated high school and started studying at Creighton University in Omaha. In 2009, I won Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2009 and with that a scholarship to a school in New York City called the new york film academy. I studied broadcast journalism and fell in love with it. I finished that one year program and headed back to the midwest to finish school. In the meantime, I've been working as a NPR radio reporter, a local news anchor, hosted my own online sports web show, and (my real passion) a video editor for a online news organization. I've started exploring the world of advertising and PR and continue to be interested in that. Currently, I'm training to possibly compete in another pageant. Overall, I am who you see on Obsessed With the Dress but consider myself a much more serious person. I am very academic and sometimes need to be reminded to have a little more fun.

Me: From a viewers standpoint, there seems to be favoritism when it comes to Beau. Now that you are watching it, would you agree?

Sarah: I can see where people would think that their is favoritism in the store when it comes to Beau and I.  Michele has been apart of my life for 10 + years. We truly have a deeper bond than she has with any other employees. She coached and inspired me to win my title Miss Nebraska Teen USA in 2009, which has changed the path of my life. I will always have her back and I know she will have mine. When it comes to Beau and Michele. The truth of the matter is, in life we bond with people on different levels. We all have unique personalities that mix well with some and not so well with others. Michele, Beau and I have personalities that just mesh! I can't say the same for others in the store. Despite his appearance on Obsessed with The Dress, Beau is hands down the most loyal person that I know. To know Beau is to love him.

Me: What is the best part of working at The Winning Crown?

Sarah: Working with people I love. Although there is drama and the occasional yelling match, work is not work! I get to help people through a process that will change who they are. I truly don't believe we just sell dresses but we sell an experience. Winning a pageant has changed the way I walk, talk, and treat others in the best way imaginable. It's truly rewarding to experience the transformation in clients. They walk in with a lack of confidence and walk out like they already have a crown on their head, glowing.

Me: What advice do you have for going ladies who are trying to "win a crown"?

Sarah: I recently judged a pageant and it opened my eyes to what really out shines the competition. Be genuine. Be happy to be there, have fun every moment you get to be on stage, be yourself, and be so proud of the work you've put into it because trust me when I say, a judge can see it on your face. I can hear a GENUINE answer in interview. A pageant is a juggling act. Confident but humble. Excited but poised. Be prepared but real.

Me: What have you learned about yourself and others since the show?

Sarah: Well, it's incredibly hard to watch yourself on television. I sit on the edge of my seat anticipating my every word with both fingers and toes crossed that what I'm about to say is not stupid, mean, or all of the above. One of the things I've painstakingly learned through the first three episodes airing is to LET THINGS GO. The self confidence issues are not attractive. I can pick apart my hair, my clothes, the way I talk but how productive is that? I don't think its practical for anyone to say "they don't care what others thinks," that is just not true but I've learned to pick and choose my battles. Twitter/social media lends itself as a breeding ground of hateful comments from people whom you've never met. You've got to let it roll off your back. My mantra has become "you can't win them all," and you'll kill yourself trying. “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” — Bernard Baruch.

Me: Is there anything you regret doing it saying on the show?

Sarah: OF COURSE!!! I can remember one scene in particular where I'm making fun of Tiffany's clothing. Although I do have to say I don't think her apparel is appropriate for the Winning Crown Boutique I could care less about what anyone wears. I truly believe in individuality and allowing people to just....BE. I never want to make myself look closed off to diversity in anyway. I would say besides that I really tried to be as authentic as I could be throughout this whole process.

Me: What's your relationship with everyone now?

Sarah: I think the cast is great. We have the diversity that people love to watch. Our show is interesting because we have personalities that clash big time. I am obviously very close with Beau and Michele. It's been an experience that has forces all of the employees together and although we don't get along all the time, only we can understand the process we went through and what it was like so we are bonded in that.

Me: You were Miss Nebraska Teen USA in 2009. How exciting! What have you used your platform for (charities, etc)?

Sarah: I was so lucky to be Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2009. It has really been the first stepping stone to everything I have accomplished so far in life. I had opportunities to work with organizations like Reach Out And Read, a program for underprivileged children to help encourage literacy by giving away books in pediatrician offices and educating parents about how important it is to read to your children. I was also lucky enough to work with program like Youth Emergency Services which provides shelter, programs, and advocacy for at-risk youths. I'd have to say most importantly that winning the title led me to my career choice in Broadcast Journalism. As a journalist I concentrate on human interest stories and have the opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless. So often news is bogged down by the bad and we miss out on all the good that inspires us. This is where I find purpose.

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If I had to learn one new thing from each "Housewives" episode, tonight would be the phrase “Draconian Antics.”

The “Draconian” stems from the ancient Athenian law maker, Draco, and basically means “small offenses that carry harsh punishment.” Bet you didn’t think we were going to learn something from these crazy ladies, did you? This was a phrase used by Adriana to describe her former bestie, Lea, and the way she has been acting toward her.

But this is the meat of the recap, so let’s start with a side, shall we?

We start tonight in Chez Zago/Krupa, as we watch Joanna and Romain enjoy a nice breakfast of melon and strawberries together as they chat about their future: Wedding plans, houses, prenups? That’s right, folks. Romain used a sweet little chat about his future with Joanna to throw in the “P” word. Here's the kicker- she tells Romain that she needs to ask Lea for advice (we all know Lisa Lea Haller was equally successful to Roy Black when they met!!!!)

Lisa’s storyline was pretty fun this week as she and Lenny start shining more light on the Star Island home situation. In Lisa’s first season as a cast member last year, we learned that she and Lenny had purchased a house (but were just concerned with the plot of land on which it stood) and wanted to knock it down to build the house of their dreams in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami, Star Island. They purchased the house in foreclosure and were set to start tearing it down when a bunch of preservationists began to fight them legally, claiming that the house was actually the house used in the movie “Scarface.”

Lisa tells us about the struggles Lenny has been facing carrying the mortgages of two multi-million-dollar homes, plus fighting the legal battles which had come to about another $130,000. They take us on a tour of the creepy mansion as we see that the people that lived their before were reduced to living amongst cockroaches and sleeping on urine-soaked blowup mattresses. There was even a really creepy doll in the house.

We also get an update on Lisa and Lenny’s maid, Daysy, who, along with Lea’s maid Frieda, has one of the best jobs in Miami. Seriously, check this out: We all know that Frieda basically calls the shots of the Black household. Well, as it turns out, the Hochsteins promised Daysy last season that if she worked hard enough to lose a certain amount of weight, Lenny would give her an entire body makeover including liposuction and a tummy tuck. Daysy looks amazing and apparently while she was out on bed-rest she was growing an empire of maids. Now, she has an army of cleaners to work for her and she gets to lay low for now. Seriously, sign me up for something like this.

Alexia’s storyline was mild this week. She went running with Marysol and chatted about how Elsa was doing in recovery. Alexia related to Marysol through her own anecdotes of what she went through with her son, Frankie, and his 2011 car accident and offered support to her friend. Later in the episode we see that she’s hired a designer to redo her closet into a boutique because she’s ready to do something for herself. You go, girl. I’m glad that she seems to be gaining control back in her life. I’m a believer that your personal space is a representation of who you are in that moment and her “boutique” was flawless when the designer was done.

Back to the meat and potatoes of the episode, where it seemed we were leading up to this epic showdown between two former friends. What we know now is that Adriana was legally married to her love, Frederic, in December 2008. Lea has let us know (too many times to count - twitter, blog, yada, yada) that she was there for her friend when she thought her friend needed her. We learn a little bit more about the situation tonight as Lea bluntly states that Adriana’s son was about $350,000 behind in tuition. Ummmm, $350,000 for tuition and it’s not even high school? You’ve gotta be kidding me. She reminds Adriana that she was there for her and would do it again in a heartbeat but she has felt betrayed by the lie that Adriana has carried with her for all these years. After all, Lea was supposed to be the maid of honor. 

She tells Lea that she doesn't feel married, even though we all know she legally is. Then Lea, in Lea fashion, throws it in her face again "how much I helped you"! ( I thought when you did something for someone, you do it out of love, not to throw in people's faces later! Moral compass anyone? ) Did the punishment fit the crime? Was Lea lying?

While Adriana did admit Lea purchased paintings and jewelry, did Lea really help with her son? (I'll get back to this)

The weather outside looks to be like one of the worst storms in history (of course it is) and the the whole argument climaxes with Adriana shouting to Lea, “I thought I had a sister in you, but in the end, all I had was a wicked sister. You were planning my demise all along.”

While I’m not picking sides (or teams in TwitterLand) I judge people based on their behaviors! I have to side with Adriana on this one... Oh shit... Time for my two cents ( sorry Lea that it's not $350k) First of all, I do not ! I repeat I DO NOT believe you should do nice things for people, then throw it in thier face later! It's not only tacky, but shows lack of character!

If Lea helped Adriana as much as she claimed, did she NOT see Frederic in the picture- a tweet I actually sent to him last night! His response- "Lea helped Adriana between 2006-2007. I came into the picture in 2008."

So I guess my BIGGER question is- how the heck did Adraina use Lea, if Lea knew Frederic was in the picture!!!! It's not adding up Lea! You playing the victim is not becoming!!!

Now that I've discussed last night's episode, I'm ready to discuss some of the ladies Blogs- well actually just one- Lea, for the past two weeks has targeted Alexia! Also, at the end of Lea's Blog- she sent well wishes to Marysol's mom, the beloved Moma Elsa! I truly find this odd considering only a few weeks ago, she was heard cackling in the background as her friend made fun of her. Marysol did respond to this via Twitter! "REMOVE MY MOTHERS NAME FROM YOUR BLOGS!! STOP USING HER 2 PRETEND ur A CARING PERSON.!! YOU HAVE PROVEN U HATE HER #demonic"

Next week- does the DRAMA continue? I'm sure the lies do....


Sometimes, we cross people who impact our lives, and the person doesn't even know. Lauren Foster, is that person to me.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at the Black's Gala two years ago. Since then, I've ran into her at other social events in Miami. One word that describes Lauren to me is FABULOUS! She lives her life to the fullest everyday! Not only is Lauren a model and actress, she stands for something that's very close to my heart- a spokesperson for GLADD!

When I asked Lauren and her handsome man to share their life with you through an interview, they were more than thrilled.

Take a peek into Lauren's life.... I'm sure you'll love and respect her just as much as I do....


Q: Lauren, the audience fell in love with you on the last season of #RHOM I know that you'll be back on this season! What can you tell us about this season?


Lauren: I filmed 4 episodes but the real stars of the season are the 2 weddings. Watch for betrayal, drama and beautiful cinematography by the amazing producers, Purveyors of Pop.


Q; Corey Cann, is an actor and sexy-boy-next door model with whom you recently starred in a short art film titled LAUREN FOSTER STAR. The film was directed by Joseph Lally. 'Ive had the pleasure to view some of the steamy scenes on Vimeo. What can you tell your fans about the film?


Lauren: We were introduced to a film that Joe made with Daphne Guinness, "The Murder of Jean Seberg" and we both thought it was very edgy and cool. We spoke with Joe a few times before he offered us this movie. Corey is an incredibly talented actor and writer and he wrote this piece. Much of his writing here is based on a snapshot of our life, with his special talent of mixing metaphors and perspective into the film. It is raw and fearless and we really bare our souls in it. It was a bit rough to focus so deeply on our lives. 


Q: How did you and Corey become "Coren"?


It was a comment Corey made the night of the Season 3 Premier Party.  It was kinda funny at the time, because of a couple of things that were happening.


Q:Being models so early in your lives, do you feel that you have left your marks in the Fashion Industry?


Corey: My modeling work has been mostly fitness modeling and a few country and western videos. I have tens of thousands of fans so I would like to think that I have left an example for young kids coming up in the business that anything is possible if you pursue your dreams, I train and have a discipline to my work out regime that is an example that you can really do anything if you try


Lauren: I feel that, along with myself and others like Teri Toye and Andres Pejic, we have definitely left an indelible foot stamp in the fashion industry that is now paving the way for others.


Q: Lauren, you are a spokesperson for GLAAD.  There are thousands of youths that commit suicide every year because lack of acceptance.  How have you helped the #LGBT Youth that are finding themselves having trouble accepting who they are?  Do you have any advice for them?


Lauren: My advice is always to look to family for guidance and, if you do not find support there, then seek out advice from friends and loved ones. I am very proud, along with Sarah Arison and Marysol Patton to head up the Miami Leadership Council for GLAAD. We launch with a cocktail party in October/November and a gala in February.


Corey: That is a very broad question because I can never fully understand what each persons personal experience is but there are people from all walks of life that should be free to express themselves as they wish. It is their prerogative. Just understand that ignorance is bliss and the people that choose to live in the dark are losing out, Light a candle and light the way for others.As a child of foster homes, I found the best and most loving to be a home that was parented by a caring lesbian couple. I will never forget them and will address this topic at the gala in February.

Take a look at their steamy video here... Mature audiences please...



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Jeeezz..... Am I really blogging....

It’s time to take the Bravo jet down to a little city where the heat is on all night, on the beach, till the break of dawn. Bravo’s installment of America’s paradise, Miami, is back and more twisted than ever, and it’s only one episode in! Let’s recap, shall we?

First and foremost, if you’re an avid “Housewives” connoisseur like myself, you wait and wait for those cheesy intro taglines. While they're usually either a total hit or a total miss, one tagline in particular may leave you feeling sick to your stomach.

I want you to like me for who I pretend to be....wait...that wasn't anyone's tag line! My mistake! I thought the one with the fake hair piece should have used this one....moving on...

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s continue. This entire episode seems as if we’re establishing Team Lea vs. Team Adriana. Funny, I thought it was going to be Adrianna vs. Joanna 2.0. Silly commercials. (It felt like I was watching a video on old time MTV) So my interests switch, depending on moods or who pisses me off!

With that said, I loved Joanna last season, I thought she was gorgeous (obviously) but also had an amazing head on her shoulders. Fearless? Yes. A masochist? Of course. But, she was so interesting that you couldn’t help but like her. This season, however, Bravo is really capitalizing on the Joanna and Romain = Barbie and Ken thing. I’m not sure I’m digging it. Ok, I am....jelly.....

Alexia is a “Cuban doll who is back on the scene and living the dream.” The stunning Alexia was an original Miami housewife in Season 1 but downgraded her roll to that oh-so-fun “Friends of Housewives” roll when her son, Frankie, was involved in an August 2011 car crash that left him in critical condition. She dropped everything to help him through surgeries and recoveries, and we see Frankie this season after a lot of progress, but still not quite back to the way he was. He may never be that person again.

Alexia’s older son, Peter, was charged with hitting a homeless man in his “private area” last year and Alexia is blaming his actions on the stress he’s gone through with his brother’s accident. I kind of get it. Kind of. Let’s just say, I think Alexia is going to have the most relatable issues of the cast. Love you girl!

Lisa seems to have really missed her BFF Joanna and calls her out for not keeping in touch while she was working, to which Joanna refers to in her Housewife interview as “Lisa needing a job,” the same way she referred to Lisa in an interview I tweeted her yesterday! Eeeekkkkkk! It was bitch this and bitch that back and forth on twitter all day! My timeline was pretty interesting... Oh... Back to the story...

Lea Black — I’m still not sure how I feel about her 100 percent. Sometimes I love her, but I’m NOT sure I should. She’s definitely a tell-it-how-she-sees-it kinda gal but sometimes her vision seems skewed. Is it editing? Is it DEMENTIA? I don’t know. I love that little point thing she does on her tagline but I’m not sure who she is. All the girls say she is a manipulator and I can see that. But is it because this is what the Mean Girls want us to think? Or HATERS, as Lea said in her blog! (Lea, please utilize the urban dictionary! These ladies are NOT jealous of you!) Wait....didn't Lea's friend Frankie make a video mocking a sick Moma Elsa while Lea laughed...wait again.... Didn't Lea's friend Elaine send a disgusting attack tweet to Marysol last night... then deleted... Ok... But, enough about these people with an amazing moral compass... Let's move on to the mean girls...."ahem"

Who are the Mean Girls, you ask? The Mean Girls consist of Alexia, former cast members (and current “Friends of Housewives”) Marysol and Ana, and their Lindsay Loh- ahem, I mean newest recruit, Adriana. From what I gather, essentially, Lea paid Adriana to be her friend, as she always does with her bought friends, tweeters, etc....OK, OK. That’s not exactly what happened, but Lea and Adriana both agree that there was an exchange of currency during the friendship. And while that currency was Lea “helping a single mother get back on her two feet” by purchasing artwork and jewelry, Adriana seems to almost brush it off.

Why is any of this a big deal? Because as it turns out, Adriana has secretly been married for five years to her French love, and my Twiiter boyfriend, Frederic. Adriana explains that back in 2008, when she and Frederic first met, he proposed to her after a couple of weeks. I guess the French really are as passionate as I’ve heard? When Adriana told her son Alex about the upcoming nuptials, the 9-year-old freaked out and basically started what Adriana considers an up-hill battle until Frederic finally called the wedding off.

This is all well and good ... but the license had already went through and they were apparently legally married! Adriana says she didn’t feel married because she had not yet done so in the “eyes of God.” Listen, I get it. You don’t feel married because you have yet to experience the wedding, but you’re married, sister. She then says that people should stop digging. HELLO? You’re on a reality show! Of course people are going to dig!

Lisa tries to bring the girls together to let Adriana and Lea hash things out but Lea is a no show. Joanna and Adriana start going at it until Marysol drops the bomb that her mother, fan-fave Mama Elsa took an injury to the head and almost died. Just when you think Marysol is stealing a moment, you realize she’s being genuine (Love me some MP) and the first episode ends as Joanna makes a “cheers to sisterhood and to Elsa.”

Stay tuned- next week- the married chick and evil sister go at it!


Another exciting Real Housewives of Miami Premier Party!

I'll add pics as I get them.

After the Real Housewives Premier, I was whisked away to the Hot Listings Miami Party.