Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black, was in a car accident yesterday ( or so she claimed)... She posted that someone ran a red light, but she's ok.

What's weird, is that the pics were pulled down three hours after being posted. Someone did ask her yesterday via Twitter, if she was in a car accident, and she claimed that it was "Rumors"!

I'm glad she was not injured or hurt, but why post it then take it down? Why say it happened yesterday, then say it is Rumors?

Something's NOT adding up here! Is she looking for sympathy because of how she is (portrayed) in this season of Real Housewives of Miami!

8/2/2013 11:33:38 pm

That's weird! Why would she post accident pics, delete, then say just a rumor? I don't think she's wrapped too tight!

9/6/2013 02:14:01 pm

i would like to know why a s 550 has a AMG tag on bcd that the mercedes factory would never put on a non AMG car. lea has birkin bags but puts a fake AMG badge on a s 550 which is not a real AMG


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