Dear Frankie,

Your video, making fun of Momma Elsa was in poor taste and you definitely lacked good judgement and common sense. Your tweet stating that is was a compliment, was not a convincing story, considering that you filmed this at Lea Black's house in LA. Making fun of an elderly is quite shameful in every way possible. The fact that someone (Lea) was laughing in the background took it to a whole new level of disgusting.

You said that is was a compliment- how can you even think anyone would believe that? You were at Lea Black's house, knowing that she and Marysol don't speak. Therefore, the only way to take it, is that you were "making fun" of and being egged on.

Then you and Lea take to Twitter to state that it wasn't Lea. I think the more appropriate comment to make would have been an apolgy. It's very obvious that it was offensive to most people.

Justifying, denying, and laying blame makes you look guilty and like a fool. So take this as you wish, but being a total jackass and not owning your actions is classless.

I hope that no one makes a video of your mom and pokes fun at her the way you did at an elderly.



For those of you who missed this vile video!OjLQcab

8/5/2013 10:33:08 am

Oh my gosh! That's absolutely AWFUL! Shame on him and Lea! Mama Elsa is absolutely divine.


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