With the anticipation of the return of the Miami ladies, the rumors are already hitting the fan! Or shall I say hitting Twitter.

Lea Black, who has been on the show since Season 1, will be returning for Season 3! If anyone has seen the previews, she seems to NOT have any friends! ( But takes pleasure in gyrating on a young fellow!)

Earlier this week, AllAboutTRH reported that Roy, Lea's husband, (we can't figure out how many years) will NOT be on the show because he's embarrassed by her behavior!

Check out AllAboutTRH interview below:

“When season three contracts came around all the women wanted an even playing field so they banded together to fight against the unique filming release that allowed the Blacks to protect themselves legally. Because of this, Roy will not be appearing on season three. He wants to maintain his law reputation instead of being on reality TV,” the source reveals.

Our source also tells us, “Roy has become a joke to some people around Miami since Lea joined the show. He is particularly embarrassed by the trailer, in which Lea is seen gyrating on a young man while on vacation with the cast. He is not looking forward to the rest of the season airing later this year.”

The Real Housewives will be returning on August 12, 2013! They will bring the heat, backstabbing, and DRAMA!

Are you ready!!!!

Update: Lea took to Twitter today and said it was rumors!

Deflection? Or truth?

7/13/2013 02:26:41 am

Looking forward to next season. The lap dance was definitely over the top! Lol


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