As you know, I just returned from a very fun and exhausting trip from Chicago! I've received so many products, that I will never use them all.
If you follow me, you know I usually do giveaways! And I want to give product to you!
This time will be different! If you want a chance to win, you must comment on this BLOG with your Twitter user name. Please explain the last time that YOU helped someone in need! I want to see how BIG your heart is!!!
I will pick a winner on Sunday night!
What are you waiting for? Get to commenting!!
5/3/2013 03:29:55 am

I just did a walk for Relay for Life for cancer research. Altogether we have raised $383,000. Woohoo!! Hopefully a cure is near!!

Livingforkiki ( Kim)
5/3/2013 01:27:27 pm

I work for a disaster relief Co. We help those that have fire, water damage, flooding...A couple weeks ago A 83 year old woman had a kitchen fire. A week before the fire this sweet woman was told that she had Colon cancer and she did not have much time. She loved her home and that's where she wanted to be. Normally a job like this would take us two to three months. But we worked 14 days straight from morning to night to make Mrs Millers house beautiful again. She was so happy and cried when she saw her brand new kitchen. We all fell in love with Mrs Miller and continue to check in on her. And every time we see her she calls us her angels.

5/4/2013 02:45:20 am

My neighbor lost her job & is having a really hard time. My husband is in the military & we submitted her info to a food pantry and now every 2 weeks she has food delivered to her. The look of appreciation on her face made it all so worth it!!!! I also sat with her & helped her apply for electric, gas & water discounts on her monthly bills. She's in her late 50's and her 3 grown boys do nothing to help her. My fear is she may lose her home so this coming week I plan to start seeing what I can do to help her. Not sure if I will be able to but I'm certainly going to try!!!!


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