I am NOT responsible for anyone's poor behavior on camera!

For some reason, I feel the need to explain the last episode of The Jorge Show which aired this past Friday night. I won't ever regret what I said, but I do feel an explanation is warranted.

The Real Housewives of Miami are back! And it looks better than ever! Bravo released the promo last Monday, which sparked tons of tweets and stories this past week. Two rivals get married, The Mayor (Lea) gets into it with all of the ladies, and two Housewives demoted (with one being an original). But, this is not what caught my eyes.

I was sitting next to a good friend when I first watched the promotion. I literally turned as white as a ghost and started crying. I just could not believe my eyes. Someone with such stature, decorum, and someone who is suppose to be a "lady" was grinding on an unknown man! Maybe I didn't really see that! Maybe my eyes were tired. I had to watch again! Giving a lap dance to someone in Vegas is what we (my friend watched it with me the second time in disbelief) saw! I have to say, I wasn't impressed! Seeing her acting in a manner like this, literally made me sick! (Anyone that knows me, knows how much I adore Lea, but this is too much)

Watch here:


Later on Twitter.... I started seeing the tweets about Lea and her "misconduct"! Lea and her humping, grinding, lap dancing! I knew at that moment, she's never going to live this down.

Friday night rolls around, and my #RealTalk about #RealHousewives of course is about the promo!

Watch and see for yourself! It was our Season 2 Finale, and we went out with a BANG (literally)!!!


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6/30/2013 07:58:47 am

Ugh! She must be attempting to stay relevant. I hope her son doesn't see it and get grossed out by her sloppy behavior. Roy may like it. Lol!


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