If I had to learn one new thing from each "Housewives" episode, tonight would be the phrase “Draconian Antics.”

The “Draconian” stems from the ancient Athenian law maker, Draco, and basically means “small offenses that carry harsh punishment.” Bet you didn’t think we were going to learn something from these crazy ladies, did you? This was a phrase used by Adriana to describe her former bestie, Lea, and the way she has been acting toward her.

But this is the meat of the recap, so let’s start with a side, shall we?

We start tonight in Chez Zago/Krupa, as we watch Joanna and Romain enjoy a nice breakfast of melon and strawberries together as they chat about their future: Wedding plans, houses, prenups? That’s right, folks. Romain used a sweet little chat about his future with Joanna to throw in the “P” word. Here's the kicker- she tells Romain that she needs to ask Lea for advice (we all know Lisa Lea Haller was equally successful to Roy Black when they met!!!!)

Lisa’s storyline was pretty fun this week as she and Lenny start shining more light on the Star Island home situation. In Lisa’s first season as a cast member last year, we learned that she and Lenny had purchased a house (but were just concerned with the plot of land on which it stood) and wanted to knock it down to build the house of their dreams in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami, Star Island. They purchased the house in foreclosure and were set to start tearing it down when a bunch of preservationists began to fight them legally, claiming that the house was actually the house used in the movie “Scarface.”

Lisa tells us about the struggles Lenny has been facing carrying the mortgages of two multi-million-dollar homes, plus fighting the legal battles which had come to about another $130,000. They take us on a tour of the creepy mansion as we see that the people that lived their before were reduced to living amongst cockroaches and sleeping on urine-soaked blowup mattresses. There was even a really creepy doll in the house.

We also get an update on Lisa and Lenny’s maid, Daysy, who, along with Lea’s maid Frieda, has one of the best jobs in Miami. Seriously, check this out: We all know that Frieda basically calls the shots of the Black household. Well, as it turns out, the Hochsteins promised Daysy last season that if she worked hard enough to lose a certain amount of weight, Lenny would give her an entire body makeover including liposuction and a tummy tuck. Daysy looks amazing and apparently while she was out on bed-rest she was growing an empire of maids. Now, she has an army of cleaners to work for her and she gets to lay low for now. Seriously, sign me up for something like this.

Alexia’s storyline was mild this week. She went running with Marysol and chatted about how Elsa was doing in recovery. Alexia related to Marysol through her own anecdotes of what she went through with her son, Frankie, and his 2011 car accident and offered support to her friend. Later in the episode we see that she’s hired a designer to redo her closet into a boutique because she’s ready to do something for herself. You go, girl. I’m glad that she seems to be gaining control back in her life. I’m a believer that your personal space is a representation of who you are in that moment and her “boutique” was flawless when the designer was done.

Back to the meat and potatoes of the episode, where it seemed we were leading up to this epic showdown between two former friends. What we know now is that Adriana was legally married to her love, Frederic, in December 2008. Lea has let us know (too many times to count - twitter, blog, yada, yada) that she was there for her friend when she thought her friend needed her. We learn a little bit more about the situation tonight as Lea bluntly states that Adriana’s son was about $350,000 behind in tuition. Ummmm, $350,000 for tuition and it’s not even high school? You’ve gotta be kidding me. She reminds Adriana that she was there for her and would do it again in a heartbeat but she has felt betrayed by the lie that Adriana has carried with her for all these years. After all, Lea was supposed to be the maid of honor. 

She tells Lea that she doesn't feel married, even though we all know she legally is. Then Lea, in Lea fashion, throws it in her face again "how much I helped you"! ( I thought when you did something for someone, you do it out of love, not to throw in people's faces later! Moral compass anyone? ) Did the punishment fit the crime? Was Lea lying?

While Adriana did admit Lea purchased paintings and jewelry, did Lea really help with her son? (I'll get back to this)

The weather outside looks to be like one of the worst storms in history (of course it is) and the the whole argument climaxes with Adriana shouting to Lea, “I thought I had a sister in you, but in the end, all I had was a wicked sister. You were planning my demise all along.”

While I’m not picking sides (or teams in TwitterLand) I judge people based on their behaviors! I have to side with Adriana on this one... Oh shit... Time for my two cents ( sorry Lea that it's not $350k) First of all, I do not ! I repeat I DO NOT believe you should do nice things for people, then throw it in thier face later! It's not only tacky, but shows lack of character!

If Lea helped Adriana as much as she claimed, did she NOT see Frederic in the picture- a tweet I actually sent to him last night! His response- "Lea helped Adriana between 2006-2007. I came into the picture in 2008."

So I guess my BIGGER question is- how the heck did Adraina use Lea, if Lea knew Frederic was in the picture!!!! It's not adding up Lea! You playing the victim is not becoming!!!

Now that I've discussed last night's episode, I'm ready to discuss some of the ladies Blogs- well actually just one- Lea, for the past two weeks has targeted Alexia! Also, at the end of Lea's Blog- she sent well wishes to Marysol's mom, the beloved Moma Elsa! I truly find this odd considering only a few weeks ago, she was heard cackling in the background as her friend made fun of her. Marysol did respond to this via Twitter! "REMOVE MY MOTHERS NAME FROM YOUR BLOGS!! STOP USING HER 2 PRETEND ur A CARING PERSON.!! YOU HAVE PROVEN U HATE HER #demonic"

Next week- does the DRAMA continue? I'm sure the lies do....

8/20/2013 10:01:28 am

Whoa! Lea has turned so nasty! I'm glad Marysol called her out on twitter.

8/20/2013 10:14:58 am

I used to like Lea but her mean girl colors are shining through now. Lisa is still my fave rhom.

Shell McMillan
8/20/2013 10:47:27 am

I agree that Lea shouldn't do a person a favor and throw it in their face; however, if she thought she was helping a person who wasn't getting support elsewhere, she has a point. But I think being upset about her already being married, is blown out of proportion. Adriana could star on a Latin soap opera with all of that drama she displayed!


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