Love her or hate her, Real Housewives of Miami Adriana de Moura, is a woman to be respected.

Besides being an Art Curator for almost all of her life, she's raised an amazing and talented son. These days, Adriana is doing more than enjoying being married to Frederic, she's standing up for a great cause- PETA.

Adriana recently posed nude for PETA in support of Lolita, an Orca, at the Miami Seaquarium. Last week, she then flew out to San Juan Islands and visited the Orca's capture site, which had to be a heartwarming experience.

Could you live in a bath tub for 40 years? Check out my interview with the Brazillian Bombshell below.

Me: Tell us about yourself.

Adriana: I'm a native from Brazil and have lived abroad and traveled to more than 40 different countries.

Me: What was your motivation in deciding to go into the arts?

Adriana: My grandmother was an artist and she introduced me to art at a very early age. 

Me: You recently posed for "PETA". Can you explain the "why" behind posing?

Adriana: I decided to pose  nude for PETA because I  believe in the cause. I grew up always going to the beach and always loved and respected nature, the ocean and its animals.  My country  has been on the forefront of sea animals protection - their captivity has been prohibited in Brazil since the early 1990s. PETA's campaign resonated  deep within me and I feel very honored to be the first Brazilian to be the face of this cause here in the United States. I would always support PETA if they ask me.

Me: Do you feel that Real Housewives of Miami accurately portrays you?

Adriana: I think the show portrays "Adriana on steroids"...LOL I have  many facets and not always all of them are shown.

Me: You recently took a trip to San Juan in Washington to visit the capture site of the Orca's, what can you share with us about the experience?

Adriana: My trip to the Pugent Sound in Washington state, was a very enlightening and yet bittersweet. I was in awe of the beauty of the nature and energy of the place - truly paradise. I was ecstatic to see Orcas in the wild and to observe how free and happy they seemed, swimming in groups, in perfect harmony with themselves and their environment. Such heart warming feelings and excitement were mixed with feelings of sadness because I was thinking that Lolita had been robbed of "real life", and is instead serving as a slave to make money to Sea Aquarium. Very sad! 

Me: Besides the Orca's, are there any other animals that you feel passionately about?

Adriana: I love all nature and its flora.

Me: What's in store for us this season on #RHOM ..,

Adriana: RHOM has its best season yet, full of surprises, betrayals but also fun, fashion and glamour! C'est la vie! 

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8/29/2013 10:12:18 am

Adriana on! She certainly brings the drama.
Congratulations Mistress, another great interview:)

10/1/2013 08:13:09 am

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.


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