Here's your chance to ask Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black some tough questions. The ladies of Miami are currently filming Season 3 and I'm sure stirring up some DRAMA Housewives style!

Next Wednesday, I will be interviewing the lovely Lea Black!

SURPRISE> I want the questions to come from the fans!

I will randomly choose 3 questions from the viewers. If chosen, I will also give you a shout out on, where I will be sharing the interview next Friday!

Please leave your questions on the blog, or TWEET me @BRAVOMISTRESS

What are you waiting for?
5/14/2013 01:35:41 am

Just wanted to quickly let you know how much I love the new blog format--well played my friend!♥
Here are my questions for Lisa:
What are some of your greatest fears and insecurities? And how did you overcome them?


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