Sometimes, we cross people who impact our lives, and the person doesn't even know. Lauren Foster, is that person to me.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at the Black's Gala two years ago. Since then, I've ran into her at other social events in Miami. One word that describes Lauren to me is FABULOUS! She lives her life to the fullest everyday! Not only is Lauren a model and actress, she stands for something that's very close to my heart- a spokesperson for GLADD!

When I asked Lauren and her handsome man to share their life with you through an interview, they were more than thrilled.

Take a peek into Lauren's life.... I'm sure you'll love and respect her just as much as I do....


Q: Lauren, the audience fell in love with you on the last season of #RHOM I know that you'll be back on this season! What can you tell us about this season?


Lauren: I filmed 4 episodes but the real stars of the season are the 2 weddings. Watch for betrayal, drama and beautiful cinematography by the amazing producers, Purveyors of Pop.


Q; Corey Cann, is an actor and sexy-boy-next door model with whom you recently starred in a short art film titled LAUREN FOSTER STAR. The film was directed by Joseph Lally. 'Ive had the pleasure to view some of the steamy scenes on Vimeo. What can you tell your fans about the film?


Lauren: We were introduced to a film that Joe made with Daphne Guinness, "The Murder of Jean Seberg" and we both thought it was very edgy and cool. We spoke with Joe a few times before he offered us this movie. Corey is an incredibly talented actor and writer and he wrote this piece. Much of his writing here is based on a snapshot of our life, with his special talent of mixing metaphors and perspective into the film. It is raw and fearless and we really bare our souls in it. It was a bit rough to focus so deeply on our lives. 


Q: How did you and Corey become "Coren"?


It was a comment Corey made the night of the Season 3 Premier Party.  It was kinda funny at the time, because of a couple of things that were happening.


Q:Being models so early in your lives, do you feel that you have left your marks in the Fashion Industry?


Corey: My modeling work has been mostly fitness modeling and a few country and western videos. I have tens of thousands of fans so I would like to think that I have left an example for young kids coming up in the business that anything is possible if you pursue your dreams, I train and have a discipline to my work out regime that is an example that you can really do anything if you try


Lauren: I feel that, along with myself and others like Teri Toye and Andres Pejic, we have definitely left an indelible foot stamp in the fashion industry that is now paving the way for others.


Q: Lauren, you are a spokesperson for GLAAD.  There are thousands of youths that commit suicide every year because lack of acceptance.  How have you helped the #LGBT Youth that are finding themselves having trouble accepting who they are?  Do you have any advice for them?


Lauren: My advice is always to look to family for guidance and, if you do not find support there, then seek out advice from friends and loved ones. I am very proud, along with Sarah Arison and Marysol Patton to head up the Miami Leadership Council for GLAAD. We launch with a cocktail party in October/November and a gala in February.


Corey: That is a very broad question because I can never fully understand what each persons personal experience is but there are people from all walks of life that should be free to express themselves as they wish. It is their prerogative. Just understand that ignorance is bliss and the people that choose to live in the dark are losing out, Light a candle and light the way for others.As a child of foster homes, I found the best and most loving to be a home that was parented by a caring lesbian couple. I will never forget them and will address this topic at the gala in February.

Take a look at their steamy video here... Mature audiences please...

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