Another exciting Real Housewives of Miami Premier Party!

I'll add pics as I get them.

After the Real Housewives Premier, I was whisked away to the Hot Listings Miami Party.

8/7/2013 06:05:36 am

BravoMistress!! I love the photos! It's great to see the Miami cast, they photograph well, but they can't hold a candle to you, you look Ahmazing! Hel-looo! Jonathan Cheban! Did he happen to have a photo of Nori West? You can tell me, I won't tell a soul!LOL!!
That said, keep up the good work you're doing an incredible job!

8/7/2013 06:47:52 am

Love the pictures, thank you for sharing. I'm thrilled you got to go and hang with Miami's finest:)

8/7/2013 07:32:38 am

MsMistress another fabulous event that you, and yours girls go❗❗. I 💟💟💟love your picture with Federico Dmarcq, you looks so mischivious💋👍👍

8/9/2013 05:38:34 am

Your a star.. I'm so impressed and I loved the pictures. Your with my two favorites. Mrs Black would of ruined them. You ladies are young and beautiful xo great great great


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